Tiny Dice Dungeon

Tiny Dice Dungeon Everyone 10+

Fight and capture monsters in order to save the world

Monsters have overrun the planet and you have been tasked with slaying or capturing them in this retro turn-based RPG for Android.

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  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Cool retro graphics
  • Excellent tutorials


  • Wait times can be a bit frustrating
  • Companions can wind up stronger than hero

Very good

Monsters have overrun the planet and you have been tasked with slaying or capturing them in this retro turn-based RPG for Android.

Travel through a monster-filled world

Tiny Dice Dungeon takes place in a bizarre dystopic future where monsters have overrun the planet (due to environment-destroying corporations) and humans live in small settlements. Your little hero sets off to save people and rebuild civilization. 

The game is decidedly old school: 2D sprites, lots of dungeons, and overhead town maps that are right out of the original Zelda series. Tiny Dice Dungeon, like the title implies, is based around dice.

Dice can be used for combat and also for catching monsters. After monsters are caught, they can be added to your party or released into the wild. 

The gameplay in Tiny Dice Dungeon is very entertaining and well explained. One downside is that, like most freemium games, you are limited in the amount of times that you can go into dungeons before having to rest.

Roll the dice

The controls for Tiny Dice Dungeon aren't difficult and it feels intuitive navigating through the different screens. Switching between towns and maps is done through a combination 

Combat is based around the titular dice located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. To roll the dice, simply tap on them. Each time you roll the dice you add to your overall attack score which is located to the right of the dice.

The more often you roll the dice, the likelier it is that you will you miss your attack resulting in no damage. Monsters can also be targeted by tapping on them.

To catch a monster, you must roll a number that matches up with the exact amount of hitpoints that the monster has remaining.

Throwback graphics and music

Tiny Dice Dungeon has a distinctive retro-style that's reminiscent of old school JRPGs. This works in the game's favor and proves that flashy (and battery draining) graphics aren't always necessary for a game.

The music sticks with the retro theme by playing MIDI tunes that are surprisingly well-produced and add to the tension and humor in Tiny Dice Dungeon.

Perfect choice for nostalgic gamers

Tiny Dice Dungeon is an excellent RPG that makes the most of the turn-based genre and is filled with hours of challenging gameplay.

Tiny Dice Dungeon


Tiny Dice Dungeon Everyone 10+

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